Monday, August 30, 2010

Once a moron once a model..

One of my friends spoke to me little while ago from Sweden. He has flown far long from here, his motherland. (Not as an asylum state seeker)

When I hear from him, I couldn’t stop my memories reversing me to fifteen years history.  One of my best friends house was the free lodge for many of us at that time. Really it was like a hostel rather than house. His family members tolerated us. We didn’t feel it belong to another family since their kindness. There was a boy who just passed his teen years. Being a relation of my friend he was fallen in to family members group of the house occupants.

I can still figure out the posture of he was watching TV and resting on red couch in the sitting room. He never missed any English movie telecasted on TV. The rest of the time he spent on thinking, planning, and dreaming to fly abroad to find treasure.  His style, pattern, vocabulary and interests were more compatible western culture than local context. I am sure that most of people thought he is moron going waste his future by chasing an objective that he can’t reach.  He was an alien to some people since he was not inline with their thinking pattern. Many people advised him to give up his dream because it will not come true.

But, this boy insisted and adhered to the further his dream while surfing on big western cities mentally where ha has seen on movies. He neglected all the troubles, difficulties, pains he had to overcome on his way to reach his goal. Sometimes he lost everything what he had, including love, respect, recognition and social acceptance while he taste bitterness of failures but he tend to protect  one thing secure. It is his dream to going through big cities in the world and earns his livelihood.

Today, that man called me from Sweden, after passing many cities that he dreamed to roam.

I just brought this story to your attention since it worthwhile to study. It says us how NLP theory works with people and combination of attitude, interest and motivation drive a person to reach his target.

GOOD LUCK MY FRIEND Uxxxxxxx..!!!  

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