Thursday, August 26, 2010

You can communicate effectively...

Since our birth, we have been communicating for years. Have you ever thought to improve your communication skills? Be an active communicator? If you have not thought about that, I would like invite to start it from now on. It does not ask many things from you. Only thing you have to do is paying a little attention than ever before.  

Majority of us have born with ability of hearing, talking, seeing, feeling, and moving our body. Except little number of people, all others use these abilities in typical manner. If we have put little effort to make use those abilities innovatively and effectively that could produce big change in us. Especially when we concentrate on communication factor, our little effort lifts us from average level to exceptional. Shifting our behavioral pattern from passive to active would be enough to make this marvelous change. 

I would like to propose you to experiment this yourself. As you know already SoundBody and Visuals are playing vital role in commutation process. Try yourself to talk in right tone at right pitch when you speak. Learn to synchronize body movementgesturesposturesfacial expressions and eye contacts as you communicate. If you can apply those properly, that will lift you from average to exceptional communicator level. Certainly, you will be an effective communicator who has ability to register your image in any audience.
By Wasantha Tennakoon  

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