Friday, May 16, 2014


After very long silence I thought to write something, though I had many things to share in past years, the busy schedule and lack of supportive background discouraged and prevented me trying it. However I decided write again something after long time. The lake can retain water as long as water reaches to its bunt’s height.  When water reaches its bunt’s height it starts overflow. I think my long silence has also filled my mind with many of things that took place in the past and now reached to over flow. So I decided to let it flow  freely as it wishes to flow.
Have you seen water is overflowing from a bowl or pot? The water added last will flow out first. So I also thought sharing with you the most recent things that influenced me. Nowadays Sri Lanka is celebrating the “Vesak Festival” with commemorating the Lord Buddha’s birth, enlightenment and passing away. Within this period many things are happening on this land, from lighting an oil lamp to displaying giant pandols  with thousand of colorful bulbs and attractive pictures drawn on Buddha’s life, from giving little thing to providing free food and drinks to thousands of people who are on pilgrims at nicely built temporary tents at waysides.  These things only take place in Sri Lanka. Wherever you travel all over the world you never get such experience.  It is only at Sri Lanka.
Anyway my aim is not to talk about beauty, joy or glamour of “Vesak  Festival”. I am just to bring very important matter to limelight that runs under all these visible and touchable things. It is the “art of giving up”. Some people who are believed in Buddhism do things merely by faith. It is not bad thing. There is a reason to say that faith is not bad thing.  That reason is if someone from these people are need rationally understand this “art of giving up” Lord Buddha’s preaching helps them to understand it logically understand and follow. Such people are practicing the “art of giving up” with wisdom as that was taught by Lord Buddha. Whatever is the reason that lead people to practice “giving up”, it is not as easy as it seems. Giving the best is the way of real giving. Giving what you love most is the real giving.  Giving what you have excess is not a real giving up.  According to Lord Buddha’s teaching givers mindset is very important in the giving up process. Other important thing is the thing or object that we give. The thing that we give should be a thing earned through righteous and proper way.  Finally to be perfect of giving the receiver also should be highly appropriate to receive that.
If everyone of this world can practice this everyday everywhere all over the world, this earth will be the paradise that filled with happiness, joy and beauty.