Thursday, August 26, 2010

Do it in public...!!!

Did you feel your body has stiffened when you stand up to address a group? 
Did you feel your knees are shaking when you speak to a group? 
Did you feel your mouth throw words and you're frozen? 

If you've felt like that, be proud of it, because you've experienced that since you've  gone to speak in public. There are some other people in the world. Their hearts are cringing when they hear the words of “Public speaking”, even long before see the audience. That is why I said, “be proud of you,” because you are far better than they are. At least you have had guts to walk to stage and appear in front of a group. 

According to the surveys, Public speaking is the number one phobia in the world. Psychologist say reason might be result of experiences faced by them at their younger ages. I believe most of us should have experienced something very similar to this when we were forced to give a presentation in front of class at our early age. Whatever is the reason or cause, we do not want to worry about that anymore because some other scholars have found solutions to eradicate that phobia. If anybody wants to speak in public indeed, there are ways and means available now for earning that skill. Hence, I say you again be happy if you really want to be a good public speaker, opportunity is there for you. 

I wish to publish some of those valuable hints here, that will help you to improve your presentation skills further. If you also one of persons dreaming to become good public speaker, these suggestions will help you to overcome yours speaking anxiety and act as super performer. 

I tagged those hints as “Five Keys of Public Speaker.” If you have these five keys in your pocket always, you can carry the audience where they expect to go and show everything what they wish to see. So I advice you to see that yourself, are these magic keys with you, before you are leaving for public addressing or doing it in public.  

Be Prepared: Preparation is the first and most important of all. Pay your fullest attention to be prepared for presentation. That makes you relax and improve your confidence to give a best speech. Remember proper preparation prevents poor presentations 

Map in Mind: Keep all things in your mind as one picture. Give signs for all-important points that you wish to tell the audience. Develop the picture according to your presentation plan. See whole speech in one picture. It is so easy to explain the picture you see in mind than memorizing the text, digits and phrases. 

Synchronize the sound and action: Your voice is main vehicle, which carry your message to audience. They like to listen something in live unless they would have to buy a CD and listen to it. High and low pitches, timely pauses, emphasizing and repeating can add life to your voice build a bridge between you and audience. The effectiveness of this effort can be enhanced by dramatizing it applying the appropriate body language. 

Use serious humor: Do not try to decorate your valuable speech with artificial jokes. Humor is an essential for good speech but speaker should make use it natural manner without minimizing the quality of speech. 

Bring audience to stage: Your eye contact and amiable approach should use to link the audience and you. If you can make your audience to feel that they are part of a dialogue it is the optimum any presenter can reach. 

I am confident that my thoughts have provide you some hints and physical and mental techniques you can use immediately to help you reduce your anxiety and perform as smart and professional speaker. So study them, understand them, practice them, then those wil become yours very soon.

Now you can do it in public...!!!
By Wasantha Tennakoon

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