Sunday, August 29, 2010

My new theory is tea theory...

I commenced blogging in 2007, most of them were real notes to my students, trainees and participants who are attending to my programs. Since I knew, my blog comments are used as reference materials by them, I tried my best to be formal, you all know that it is very difficult for me..hahha.. However, I decided to change my track finally..  I have no idea to make use blog as vehicle to deliver my notes further. I decided t use blog to say things as I see it. (Do not forget that I wear spectacles because of my sight weakness)

I think this is one of wise decisions I ever took. (I know that you will not agree with me that “one of wise decisions” part because according to you rating I have not taken any wise decision yet. Isn’t?)  I said like that because of one reason, now I don’t want jump in to many blogs written by me, under different identities, to share with many of my other friends with different interests.

So now onward, I write to all of my different kind of friends through one single blog.  This is it. Do you think can I do this? I think yes, I can, because I know one good strategy to do it. That was taught me by the office assistant worked at my previous workplace. I will tell you that theory and story behind it, it is worthwhile to share.

Making tea for the staff was one of assigned tasks to office aid at my previous work place.  It was not very easy job because some of people need it with little sugar as some other asked with more sugar and many more things like that. Many different requests and choices were there. The total staff was about sixty and if I say in other words nearly sixty different requests were there. (In accordance with the theory of every one is special in this world…hahaha). Though you don’t believe it, he delivered all these requirement satisfactorily he managed and still managing it. (Don’t misunderstand this he is not another god of handling the catering department)

Do you know how he does it? I found it.(eureka....!!!!)

One day I was having a chat with my visitor close to the pantry where he was preparing tea. I ordered to prepare a cup of tea for my visitor too. Then my visitor requested to make it with less sugar. While I was having a chat with my friend, I saw he was making a big container of tea for all of us, after finishing it, poured tea in to small cups for serving. He packed nicely them on the tray and carried to us and offered. My visitor touched one cup of tea while thanking to the office aid. Offering gratitude smile to visitor in response, office aid asked to “take the other” cup of tea and said it is for him.

That happen so and my visitor left after having tea but my curiosity to know the secret of making different kind of tea in one container was remained with me. I just called him and asked how he did it without noticing me while I was starring at him and his tea making process.

He simply replied “Sir, no body can prepare tea cup by cup according to sixty, seventy special requirements but I do that when I serve, and then they know that is specially made for them”

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