Thursday, August 26, 2010

That makes you a leader...

Some school of thought says leaders are born. Some of others say leaders are made. Whatsoever, leaders are leaders. Hence, it is worthwhile studying what traits and qualities have made them as leaders, instead of arguing on it. 

As defined, all the great leaders have ability to mobilize human energy and create environments that inspire individuals and groups to achieve their full potential. If you have monitored winning leaders, you might be able to recognize some exceptional qualities in them. Those are the traits place them above from the rest. We can categorize those traits in to 10 main areas. 

If you also one of dreaming to be future leaders. Be insisting on those qualities because that can make you a leader. Certainly, these “Golden Traits” can make you an exceptional person from the rest of average people. 

Rule #1. Leader knows about himself. 
Leaders should know what type of persons they are and about their own qualities, characteristics, strengths and weaknesses. What they are doing and they want to do. What others are expecting from him? 

Rule #2. Leader knows well about associate members 
Leader has better understanding about members of the team. Leader knows about members’ attributes, knowledge, experience, skills, and attitudes. This understanding enhances the leader’s ability to find right person for right job and lead the team to achieve its objectives. 

Rule#3. Leader utilizes command prudently. 
Leader is the hub when work with group of individuals. Leader is the controlling point and manages the smart individuals as well as weak subordinates. Great leaders use their power for the benefit of team but without embarrassing others by it
Rule#4. Leader sees the picture clearly. 
Leader knows where he should go with his team and what he should have to accomplish. He sees the positive and negative sides. He has ability to evaluate failures and achievements accurately. Never drive their teams to celebrate fake victories. They see the things in right form, take right decision, and lead the team to success. 

Rule#5. Leader set examples. 
True leaders play their roles properly. Their dedication, determination and discipline set examples to others. Though leader is not multi skilled person necessarily, should be a reliable person to the team in every sense. 

Rule#6. Leader delegates power and responsibility. 
Good leaders know to network the team through sharing the responsibility and delegating power with members. This exercise builds faith in member and makes them feel they are recognized. That will induce them to perform well their roles in the team. 

Rule#7. Leader communicates effectively. 
Communication effectiveness is the thumb rule of leadership. Without communication, skills never can be a leader. Leader has big role to play as good communicator within the team as well as out of it. We cannot find any leader from history poor in communication skills. It is that much important and compulsory for any leader. 

Rule#8. Leader is good Architect. 
The planning skill of a Leader enhances the ability of visualizing the result. Therefore, leaders are well aware of materials and mechanism of making that idea in to reality. 

Rule#9. Leader guards the team. 
True leaders act valiantly when moving the team towards failure or danger. They face the challenges with confidence while encouraging and empowering the members to conquer the failure and drive to victory. 

Rule#10. Leader makes leaders. 
Great teachers, guides and facilitators are living in all good leaders. They have burning desire in developing people. They work hard to groom second line leadership. 

By Wasantha Tennakoon

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