Monday, September 13, 2010

Look at it through Johari window

Sometimes we receive good topic sources to write and share our thoughts but most of the time, we missed them due to lack of time to write.  After several missed opportunities, I firmly decided to find time to write this up.  In the last weeks I was busy with some official and personal matters. Attending to my sister’s house warming also one of among them, they had invited to very close relations to that occasion and had been arranged a whole night religious activity instead of a party. That provided an opportunity to meet many relations after several years and talk about each other or anything as they wish.

After many looping topics, we were talking about driving. One of my uncle told that he has fallen in sleep while drives one day. Many others who were listening to this responded with their experiences and advise. Most interesting thing of this discussion is one of relations asked what part of our body sleeps first. Really it was hard questions to answer though look simple. I said eye ball while others named some other parts. As he refers further we justified with reasons too. Unfortunately he never accepted any of our answers as correct. In accordance with the tools we use to measure a people on this earth, he is just a small businessman, if we compare him against other members who participated to discussion, he can not be rated as educated or experienced person too. Whatever is the status level in the society for this man, he was able to dominate the discussion and kept everyone in silence for few minutes and create brains storm.  I think this context created a boiling uneasiness among others who believed born to lead, consult, or teach. certainly, it was bit difficult to tolerate or absorb the pressure created on very intelligent class people (VICP) by throwing a simple man's simple question.  

Since the all participants attempt were unsuccessful, he said answer is the ear. With this answer he was bombarded with a load of questions and he had to present all the things he knows to justify his answer. I don’t know how far this answer is acceptable or not but in accordance with his justification, our ear closes its transmission before eyes close and that's why we wake up with sound. 
However, I don’t want chase after him, his answer or the evidence submitted by him to prove his thought. Instead of that, I would like give you  that opportunity to think a while and argue with that answer and find information. My objective of bringing this story in to your attention is reminding you a well-known theory which is learnt and practiced by veterans in many fields. It is none other than Johari window. See how that incident helps us to understand Johari window.

What body part sleep first? .. Ears...!!! I don’t know what I don’t know....***    

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